vendredi, juillet 14, 2006

First Time

There’s always a first time for everything, so it was said. And my first time of having to stay in a hospital came one week ago. I had an ulcer in my lower colon which gone bad enough to make me suffer from quite profuse hemorrhaging (the details stop here ☺ ), hence I need to be hospitalized.
It’s funny how I used to wonder how’d it felt to be treated in a hospital everytime I visit friends who’s hospitalized. I’ve never been to the situation! Remember a saying “be careful what you wished for, it might just came true”? There you go, my wish just came true that last Friday.
I had to stay for 3 nights only but it was enough for me to learn a lot of things. I learned that money really can buy you good services (thank God for my generous company :p ), I learned that being alone in an hospital room can really open your eyes, in terms of identifying the people who really cares about you.. thus separating those who really give a damn from those who’s just trying to be nice.. LOL
Anyhoo.. All in all, it’s a nice experience. And it all ended up good. I’m okay now thanks to the miracle workers there a.k.a dr Gan Hoa Hiong (really worth your “jaw-dropping” fee! Haha!) and the good-hearted nurses.. Which on the last day were shocked knowing my age (they thought I was 6 years younger!).. Seeing their expression was really fun!! LOL
I must say this particular first time experience was quite amusing..
And who says hospital food is not good?! They’re yummy!!!


Blogger Fa said...

Avin hei..
Bloghopped too!!!!!!
And happy be-late-d birthday ya!!!

1:38 PM  
Blogger Nauval! said...

if only i knew ...
if only i knew ...
if only i kneeeeewwwww ...

*start banging my head*

sorry dearie, i had no idea that your absence is because of something around the belt. in a very painful way :(

4:46 PM  
Blogger mpidi said...

aahh.. kok ngga bilang-2 sih kalo kamu di hospitalized?!! kan kita bisa bezoek.. rombongan sirkus-nya marketing EY, lengkap dengan cemilan-nya nih! haha..

tapi, bener tuh, ngga pernah-2nya di hospitalized, sekalinya di rawat harus nginep 5 hari, operasi besar, tiada hari tanpa obat dan suntik (sumpah deh aku paling takut di suntik!), and yup.. ngga semua makanan rs itu bluwueeeh! di rs Asih itu makanannya enak banget! Idi aja doyan, ikutan makan juga.. jadi, waktu aku ngelahirin Akhtar dengan operasi caesar itu bener-2 pengalaman hospitalized yang menyenangkan! hehe.. beda ya?

duh, jangan sampeee di hospitalized selain melahirkan deh *knock knock knock*

6:04 PM  

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