vendredi, mars 17, 2006

the importance of being a borderline hypersensitive

Okay, so I am a big time loser for this hypersensitive mood I have since I don't know when. I got easily offended by the things people say (especially the ones close to me), or easily touched by the smallest act of tenderness I see around (especially by the ones close to me).. I could easily get slumped to the lowest low, but also au contraire, could leap to the highest heights by small little itty bitty things :)
Just like this past several days, one of my colleagues at the office lent me her newly bought CD.. It was not by a special singer whose voice is technically perfect and mightily powerful tone, but merely medium beat with boring kinda tunes.. but I found it sweet.. and soothing.. and omigawd, got me swooning over it.. or.. the singer.. :)) Well, thank God for the music, I need anything within my reach to keep me from plunging to the depth of desperation again.. :)
Crooning over a singer? Oh dear.. I hope this is not the initial symptom of mental illness.. *LOL*

mardi, mars 14, 2006


Could this be "the writer's block"? The feeling of wanting to write, but helplessly have no idea what to write? darn..