mercredi, mai 31, 2006

Mutants Galore!

X-Men rocks! Although the ending (and almost every part of the storyline) is way different form the comic-version, director Brett Ratner has succeeded in satisfying my "demand". :)

Here are my particular objections for you, Brett! (minor only :) ) :

1. Why oh why do you have to do that to Mystique, Brett??!!! She kicks ass! And I want to see more of her!!

2. Callisto is WAY more dangerous than that!! She's the leader of the Morlocks!! And she doesn't have the "mutant-scanning" ability!!

3. Marrow, the bone-throwing mutant is a FEMALE! and she's (also) more powerful than what you depict in the movie

Oh, I still want to watch it again though.. :D

dimanche, mai 28, 2006

Le concert

Last Thursday, went to Anggun Concert @ JHCC and I was blown away! TOTALLY worth 3 hours of waiting (for the scalpers to sell the tix cheaper than their original offer) :))
The concert was indeed in international standard. It began precisely on time (21.00), and it was opened by an MC announcing the fire exit procedure! Never before done in local musicians concerts! (that's a nice BITCHSLAP for local artists and organizers)

Anggun that night was superb! She delivers!! I had moments when I had me myself on the verge of tears watching her.. She's come so far.. From the little rocker-girl in tight leggings and red barretta, to a seductive siren alluring her audience with her sensual looks and rich voice. She speaks French now.. but that night on stage, she still jokes with her java-accented bahasa. She told us the audience (in bahasa, of course),"I have been away from my homeland quite long now, singing here and there, east and west.. But it is here, in my own country, in front of you all.. that gives me the shiver, and I am so very very nervous right now".. ain't it sweet? :) But her performance was light-years away from nervous.. And she blew all of us away..
My favourite section of her show was when she sang her old songs.. her pieces that made her claim to fame in Indonesia when she was a little girl.. She did it accoustically with strings and piano accompaniment. When she sang emosi, I sang along teary-eyed.. I was quite emotional.. hwahahahaha!!
Ah, what a blast i had.. :)
Thank you for giving such wonderful show.. and most of all, thank you for not forgetting your roots, for coming back and show your appreciation to us.. For that, I (we) salute you..
Maju Terus, cherie! :)

dimanche, mai 14, 2006

"THAT" time of the year

Current Mood: Hateful
Here it comes! That one particular time of the year I dread so much.
Where I'm just being me, enjoying all the ups (and downs) of my life, happily striding everywhere I please, enjoying my solitary.. When suddenly "BAM!" it hits me like a door slammed unexpectedly right in front of your face breaking your nose!!! SH*T!
I hate the fact that when I knew I was supposed to be content and all about being just by myself, this goddarn-crap-good-for-nothing feeling of longing suddenly STUPIDLY emerges and RUINS THE WHOLE THING!!! Ruins the emotional stability, the firm believe I am so proudly hold that I don't need any single other soul to make me feel good!
God, I RUE the day I knew what romance is all about!!!! >_<